To create a new avatar, type anything in the above input field, click the spinning button, or press the letter N on your keyboard.

In total, it is possible to generate 12 billion unique avatars.

Names and words are associated with avatars randomly. Any resemblance to real persons is a pure coincidence.

You can use any generated avatar for free as your profile picture, gaming logo, as a part of your design project, and similar. Download an avatar you like, or add it to your favorites for later use. You can also generate and order unique merchandise with any avatar you prefer.


If you wish to order Multiavatar merchandise, you can either generate your unique products using the Merch Maker, or buy pre-generated products from the Merch Store.


Multiavatar is a multicultural avatar generator which is free to use and open source.

Multiavatar represents people from multiple races, multiple cultures, multiple age groups, multiple worldviews and walks of life.

In total, it is possible to generate 12,230,590,464 (12 billion) cryptographically unique avatars. It means that there are more than enough unique avatars for every person in the world.

To illustrate this vision, you can generate and download your own Multiavatar World.

Multiavatar's mission is to promote multicultural communication and to transcend differences and borders between cultures and countries by leveraging visual language, which is fast and can be understood anywhere in the world.

Multiavatar is a universal avatar for social personalization and identification, and for easier, richer and faster cross-border non-verbal communication.


You can add Multiavatar to your website or an app. Include the script and pass any string to the 'multiavatar' function. It will return the SVG code for the avatar/identicon. More info on GitHub.

<script src="multiavatar-0.1.min.js"></script>

  var avatarId = 'Starcrasher'
  var svg = multiavatar(avatarId)


To use the API, pass the avatar's ID as the URL parameter:

JavaScript API call example:

let avatarId = 'Binx Bond'
  .then(res => res.text())
  .then(svg => console.log(svg))
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